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Re : Re: New user - Minitel

Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2009 23:11:31 +0000 (GMT)
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> Hey Herve, welcome. I read your post today on my blog about the
  > D9090.
  > Do you have pictures of the Minitel? Is that the red one?
  > Bill

  Hi, Bill

  I've got quite a number of different minitels in my "collection" (a
  collection starts from 2, right ?) but never ever seen a red one !
  It's usualy ranging from white to somewhat "dirt gray" and passing by
  maron. Some "modern" ones are blue ... but I'm not so familiar with
  modern ones !

  Here are some links (text in French, sorry) where you'll find
  pictures and evently some interesting details : (plenty of details)
  (documentation of numerous terminals) (not sure if it's France
  (internet portail - must be using orange ISP)

  I do own (probably not exhaustively) the following models :
  Minitel 1 (don't remember wich)
  Minitel 1b (philips, alcatel - uggly matra hopefully missing)
  Minitel 2 (philips & alcatel)
  Minitel 5 (notebook-like minitel - 2 pieces - just 1 working I think)
  Minitel 10
  Minitel 12 (don't know if complete)
  Desmet (third party colour minitel 1 class - with a "professionnal"
  keyboard and TI chipset - probably identical to ExelVision's
  Thomson ???? (third party green minitel with "professionnal"
  keyboard, 80 columns and other things I don't remember)
  For those who have read so far, I also own a working-ultra rare piece
  of 80's art mentionned in wikipedia's article : an hybrid of a ZX81
  in a first generation "trashcan box" minitel (the one that had an
  ABCDEF keyboard instread of AZERTY - made for people affraif of
  typewriters !). I've had it 15 or 20 years ago for no more than 10
  francs(1.5 euros) with a "new in box" ZX80 - Unbelievable !

  Regards - Hervé

  PS - Thinking to all of that, I absolutely must take pictures of all
  that and publish it somewhere on the net !

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