Re: C2N ideas/thoughts?

Re: C2N ideas/thoughts?

From: David Wood <>
Date: Sat, 4 Apr 2009 18:40:53 -0600 (CST)
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I use a 9pin plug on mine.  While its a different setup, I"ll quickly
explain the handle I came up with for pulling it. :)

I soldered a wire loop on each side of the plug so I can pull it loose.
Tieing a string to each ear on the casette plug will work, except for
C128Dcr users who would have to cut the ears off to plug it in.

Just a thought. :)

On Fri, 3 Apr 2009, Jim Brain wrote:

> FOr uIEC and C=Key units, I pull power from the cassette port.  As such,
> I need to provide a small circuit board for the connector so it can be
> grasped (and to alleviate concerns from some folks that I'm blocking the
> port for regular use.
> The cheapest idea is to lay out a small PCB that can be soldered to the
> 6/12 .156" connector and provide the same edge connector on the back.
> But, since it will cost the same regardless of the layout, I'm wondering
> if there is any value in providing some uC functionality on the board,
> which can be stuffed by oithers, or I can provide at a nomimal cost:
>     * C2N232 (or a USB variant) functionality on the PCB
>     * Small "autostart" that will load and then do a 'load "*",8,1":run
>       or do as the 128 does and load the first 256 bytes of the primary
>       disk.
>     * Something else.
> Along those lines, is there a document that describes the tape interface
> from an electrical perspective.  My AVR ASM is quite rusty, so the
> C2N232 code is not making much sense to me.
> Jim
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