C2N ideas/thoughts?

C2N ideas/thoughts?

From: Jim Brain <brain_at_jbrain.com>
Date: Fri, 03 Apr 2009 18:23:22 -0500
Message-ID: <49D69A6A.10209@jbrain.com>
FOr uIEC and C=Key units, I pull power from the cassette port.  As such, 
I need to provide a small circuit board for the connector so it can be 
grasped (and to alleviate concerns from some folks that I'm blocking the 
port for regular use. 

The cheapest idea is to lay out a small PCB that can be soldered to the 
6/12 .156" connector and provide the same edge connector on the back.

But, since it will cost the same regardless of the layout, I'm wondering 
if there is any value in providing some uC functionality on the board, 
which can be stuffed by oithers, or I can provide at a nomimal cost:

    * C2N232 (or a USB variant) functionality on the PCB
    * Small "autostart" that will load and then do a 'load "*",8,1":run
      or do as the 128 does and load the first 256 bytes of the primary
    * Something else.

Along those lines, is there a document that describes the tape interface 
from an electrical perspective.  My AVR ASM is quite rusty, so the 
C2N232 code is not making much sense to me.


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