Re: C64 Runtime for UNIX?

Re: C64 Runtime for UNIX?

From: Derrik Walker v2.0 <>
Date: Wed, 01 Apr 2009 21:15:03 -0400
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On Apr 1, 2009, at 8:39 PM, Michael Steil wrote:

> On 1 Apr 2009, at 16:43, Lord Doomicus wrote:
>> So I've been playing with pagetable's amazing ansi C version of Basic
>> 2.0 on my Sun box.  It runs much faster than a Real C-64.  Nice for
>> things like my Monte Carlo pi program.
>> But, then I got the idea, that maybe, a VIC and SID emulator could be
>> graphed on to it to have a high speed C64 BASIC environment.
>> Might be a bit of work, I'll have to look at the source for an  
>> emulator.
> Hi!
> I'm the author of cbmbasic for UNIX. This sounds cool - although I  
> wonder whether you have any working code that you would run on this  
> then. I already had a hard time finding some good generic BASIC  
> programs...
> I've been thinking about moving cbmbasic on SourceForge or something  
> similar. Would anyone be interested in maintaining it? :-)
>  Michael
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I've gotten a bit of my Mathy code to run.  A lot of my Replica 1  
programs just run without any changes.  The most taxing is my pi  
program ( it is actually simple - just uses the Monte Carlo method.  )  
BUT, I had to change the rnd() statements to use 1 instead of 0 since  
0 uses the hardware clock for a seed.  I have some graphics programs  
I'd like to run - like my cyclotron simulator.

Also, I did a little hack so I could type things in lowercase and have  
it converted to capitals.

I might have some stuff to contribute, but I don't really want to be  

Any change we could get the source for the apple1basic?  I'd love to  
port that to my Sun box as well.

And if you care, the cbmbasic runs nicely on a Ultrasparc running Open  

- Derrik

Derrik Walker v2.0, RHCE

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