Re: C64 Runtime for UNIX?

Re: C64 Runtime for UNIX?

From: Michael Steil <>
Date: Wed, 1 Apr 2009 17:39:56 -0700
Message-Id: <>
On 1 Apr 2009, at 16:43, Lord Doomicus wrote:
> So I've been playing with pagetable's amazing ansi C version of Basic
> 2.0 on my Sun box.  It runs much faster than a Real C-64.  Nice for
> things like my Monte Carlo pi program.
> But, then I got the idea, that maybe, a VIC and SID emulator could be
> graphed on to it to have a high speed C64 BASIC environment.
> Might be a bit of work, I'll have to look at the source for an  
> emulator.


I'm the author of cbmbasic for UNIX. This sounds cool - although I  
wonder whether you have any working code that you would run on this  
then. I already had a hard time finding some good generic BASIC  

I've been thinking about moving cbmbasic on SourceForge or something  
similar. Would anyone be interested in maintaining it? :-)


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