RE: Update 1541-IDE
Date: 2009-01-20 15:15:22

Hallo allemaal,

Another update. I had this (not so) new idea: use extra RAM to store the
BAM. The "not so" because that is what the IEEE drives do as well
(AFAIK): they use seperate buffers for the BAM and directory. Isolating
the routines that do something with the BAM was relatively easy. The
next thing was to tell them to use (in the 1541 not existing) buffer 8
at $0B00.
To my suprise things still didn't work out as I thought :( And again
things went wrong with copying files. I created a sequential file where
the first sector is filled with A's, the second with B's, the third with
C's, etc. etc. I copied several times. The length of the copied files
varied randomly. Until the last sector every sector contained the values
as should. But the last one contains the BAM. And that really puzzles
As said before the used RAM is unknown to the original 1541 routines. So
IMHO it cannot be read by accident. Thus it has to be the reading of the
BAM sector itself. And now I have to find out what event tells the 1541
to read this sector instead of the one of the original file. 

What makes things difficult is this randomness of the length of the
copied files. The only thing I can think of is that the interrupt is
involved in one or another way. But in what way?

I also have a new debug weapon (at least new to me): the extra RAM. This
morning I found the place (I think) where the data to be copied is
loaded. Somewhere at the start of the copy routine I erase buffer 6 at
$0900. And just before the actual loading routine I place this piece of

 stx debug1  ; temporary storage for X
 ldx BUF6    ; load pointer
 lda Track
 sta BUF6,X  ; save value
 sta BUF6,X
 stx BUF6    ; save pointer
 ldx debug1  ; restore X

After the copy process address $0900 contains the number of sectors
loaded (times 2) and from $0901 on I can see what track/sector is loaded
every time. If indeed the BAM sector is loaded, then I have to find out
what triggers the routine to load it. If it isn't loaded, my assumption
that the 1541 doesn't know the extra RAM is wrong.

I hope to find out more this evening......

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