Re: Update 1541-IDE

From: Groepaz (
Date: 2009-01-20 09:07:27

On Dienstag 13 Januar 2009, wrote:
> Zitat von Silver Dream ! <>:
> > Nice idea (even if already realised probably more than once in
> > slightly different forms), why don't you go for it? Also (as
> > Hársfalvi Levente wrote) - no offence intended!
> Because I'm not really the hardware man.

not that i want to stir the shit or something.... but if you only transfered a 
handful disks every time you come up with that "idea", you would have been 
finished long ago :o) (and as others told you here and elsewhere, the 
solutions are out there)


...the harm was done: the topic became known as "computer science"---which, 
actually, is like referring to surgery as "knife science"---and it was firmly 
implanted in people's minds that computing science is about machines and 
their peripheral equipment. 
<Edsgar Dijkstra>

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