cassette port connector

From: Jim Brain (
Date: 2008-12-09 06:15:01

A couple questions:

   1. Anyone have a reasonable source for the .156" connectors that go
      on the cassette port?  All I can find here is Digikey for $1.72 in
      quantities of 100
      Better yet, anyone have a source for a connector without the
      mounting tabs?
   2. FOr the next batch of uIEC units and C=Key units, I need to design
      a small pass-through PCB that people can grab onto when inserting
      or removing the connector from the computer.  But, if I have to
      create a PCB, I thought I might design something on it.  Something
      cheap that I might be able to offer at cost or maybe as a freebie
      if you buy the other units:
         1. My initial thought was a small standalone cassette drive
            emulator that would hold a small program.  For those without
            a resident wedge that hook RUNSTOP/SHIFT to a disk load, a
            small program on "cassette" could load and run a menu app or
            something like it.
         2. I considered something like c2n232 with a USB interface, but
            that starts getting into more money, and I think someone
            else is running with that project

For an option #1 implementation, it looks like an ATTINY2313 is $1.25 + 
512kB of FLASH for $.72 + .53 3V3 regulator and a couple of pennies for 
resistors and caps = $3.00 in parts.

I don't know if there is any utility in it (If only the idea for a small 
wedge is worthwhile, I could probably hardcode a small BASIC wedge and 
the cassette routines into the 2K of flash on the 2313 and skip the 
regulator and such, bringing the cost down to $1.50 or so.

Any thoughts?  I think I need to create the PCB anyway, and I hate to 
waste the space, as the board shop charges by the area, not the design.


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