Re: serial link high level protocol thoughts?

From: john/lori (
Date: 2008-11-10 05:25:39

> In a board solution that offers a power source, true
> TTL or HCT buffers/drivers are the very, very best
> option. I think so, too.
> To make your design work the best, you should also
> spend some 74LS14 / 74HCT14 input drivers with
> integrated Schmitt triggers, this is what all the
> cheap cable solutions are missing.
> The ATmega controllers don't offer input pins with
> Schmitt trigger funtion, do they?
> Womo
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Have you tryed HCT? I'd think that they're TOO fast for
eg the IEC bus and the Xx1541 series cables.

Certainly, most times I've seen them used that way, pains
were taken to slow them down.

I have sometimes wondered how well some HCT tri state buffers
wired as open collector would work (ie tie the input one way
and then use the tristate control for the signal) and power
them from one of the signal lines (they wouldn't be sourcing
any current to speak of)

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