Re: serial link high level protocol thoughts?

From: Jim Brain (
Date: 2008-11-10 03:03:22

Wolfgang Moser wrote:
>> The next board revision of uIEC will use inverting open collector 
>> buffers, like the rest of the drives.  MOSFETs and such are nice, but 
>> it's harder to stuff a board with them (as I noted to Shadowolf) and 
>> a buffer IC will accomplish the same thing.
> In a board solution that offers a power source, true
> TTL or HCT buffers/drivers are the very, very best
> option. I think so, too.
> To make your design work the best, you should also
> spend some 74LS14 / 74HCT14 input drivers with
> integrated Schmitt triggers, this is what all the
> cheap cable solutions are missing.
> The ATmega controllers don't offer input pins with
> Schmitt trigger funtion, do they?
Are you recommending using these on the input lines (CLK_IN, ATN_IN, 


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