RE: C64/VIC Bus state during RESET
Date: 2008-11-07 07:56:34

Hallo Jim,

> On powerup, an onboard uC will ....

If you allow me to add an idea: why not monitoring the RESET line?
Otherwise I have to power-cycle the C= every time I want to change the
image. A reset is more friendly for the electronics.

> I have two goals. A Software ROM that can be loaded with kernals
> of your choice,

With all respect, what is the added value for the average user? How many
kernals will someone use? I myself use three, which fit in one 27256. A
27512 can contain up to eight. A small trick allows you to use a
27256/27512 in a C128 having 3/7 kernals at your disposal. Only some
dipswitches are needed to choose the wanted Kernal.
For developers it certainly has a value: the device can be used to
develop new kernals, games or whatever. But then IMHO a SD-card should
be used; extracting and refitting a FlashROM every time has it risks.
(FYI: I put a textool socket in my 1541 to be able to test new kernals
for the harddisk project)

> and a cart ROM emulator,

Here I agree, providing that you use a SD-card. IMHO a FlashROM cannot
contain all existing games/tools. I have no idea if they would fit on a
SD-card but exchanging a SD-card is done much quicker and safer!
Yet another thing to think about: some cartridges use I/O for disabling
itself on command, changing the EPROM etc. If VICE can handle this using
CRT files, what about your device?

If you allow me to add another idea: what about adding a kind of
communication port, like USB or RS-232? In this way you can upload the
needed software into your RAM/FlashROM using a PC or other device.
Having developing in my mind, it is even quicker then exchanging
SD-cards IMHO.

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