Technical Reference of the REU controller CSG8726R1

From: Wolfgang Moser (
Date: 2008-08-04 22:19:55

Hello cbmhackers,

in the past three months I wrote up a technical reference
about the Commodore REU's controller chip, the CSG8726R1.

The main intention of the document was to help emulation
authors improving their REU compatibility. Actually I got
feedback from Gideon Zweijtzer and Spiro Trikaliotis who
were able to improve the REU compatibility of the
1541-Ultimate 1.1 and VICE 2.0 from early prerelease
versions of the document.

Bo was so nice to put an archive up to the "Funet" archive,
it consists of the mastering document in OpenOffice format,
the publishing format as PDF and a readme file. The whole
document is covered by the GNU Free Documentation License:

Look it up at:

The files:

consist of a technical description and discussion of the
hardware register interface of the Commodore RAM Expansion
Unit (REU). This technical documentation tries to describe
the hardware implementation aspects of the 8726R1
controller chip of the Commodore REU [8726R1] as they show
up to a programmer.

Sincerly yours, Womo

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