Even more chip die images

From: Michael Huth (enigma_at_mail.lipsia.de)
Date: 2008-06-28 15:01:47


I just would like to note that some more chips arrived here.
So all in all there are images now of:

Chips from Stephan Lesch:
6569R1 2783 (ceramic package)
6569R3 ????  (ceramic package)

Chip from Tommi Lempinen aka ZrX-OmS
6581R3 ???? (plastic package)

Chips from Jarkko Lehti, aka Grue / Beyond Force
(all plastic package)
sid_csg6581r4ar_3789 - no image, obviously identical die as mos6581r4ar
sid_csg8580r5_0591 - no image, obviously identical die as mos8580r5

I stitched all dies already together, due to my small bandwidth at home, 
my page will be updated step by step within the next days.

I would also like to mention Tommis work on revectorization of sid 
circuits with some very noticable results:
f.e. http://oms.wmhost.com/misc/r3_filter.gif
more at http://oms.wmhost.com/misc

Also interesting:
Comparison of R3 and R4 structure show no real difference, so the guess 
is that the material changed.
The different color of the oxide layer of the R4 could be an indication 
for this as the light of the microscope is calibrated to 3200K.
Also the R3s oxide layer show more surface defects (small black spots) 
whereas the R4s is more smooth.
I will check if there might be some way to do spectroscopic work in the 
micrometer range on this.

Indications of thickness differences could be done by comparing the edge 
sizes in the darkfield mode, but my current guess is that thickness is 

The original recorded images will be upped too, so if someone thinks he 
is a real stiching expert... :-)
If you would like to have the classic metallic look of the dies, just 
auto level and auto color the images.


P.S.: Wasn't there some unsolved question why VSP works on some VIC2s 
and on some not?

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