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From: MagerValp (
Date: 2008-06-26 22:06:46

>>>>> "RB" ==   <> writes:

RB> Several times I have been thinking about a device that can replace
RB> the mechanical drive and this prooves that it can be done W/O
RB> using an FPGA but just plain common available materials.

Replacing the 1541 mech with a microcontroller is relatively simple
(yes, I have also been thinking about this several times :). You only
have to monitor the motor control, head stepping, and r/w control, and
then output a continuous stream of GCR bytes. D64 sectors can be
converted to GCR on the fly. The biggest hurdle is giving the device a
decent user interface, and some way of uploading D64 images (USB + PC
client, SD card + buttons, etc).

Of course, with the absolutely fantastic 1541 Ultimate being
available, this is largely an academic excercise :)

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