Re: VIC2 images
Date: 2008-05-21 16:40:26

On 2008-05-20, at 19:56, Michael Huth wrote:
> The ~30 MB JPEG is already a high-compressed version of the 1.4 GB  
> Actually I'am a bit curious why the TIFF grows to this size because  
> the original PNGs are about 750 MB.

AFAIR PNG applies losless compression by default. TIFF can use LZW or  
ZIP compression yet doesn't by default.


> Ah yes and the ICs were ceramic version that were opened  
> mechanically. You have to be careful though not to damage or  
> contaminate the die.
> As for plastic packages it is probably quite difficult to grind  
> them down without contaminating the die.

Ah, that explains... I was quite curious and surprised because I  
believed that the revision in question was only available in black...

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