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From: Michael Huth (
Date: 2008-05-20 19:56:36

MagerValp wrote:
>>>>>> "R" == Rhialto  <> writes:
> R> Good, I suppose TIFF is more future-resistant than a proprietary
> R> Photoshop file format anyway.
> Actually, they're both proprietary formats owned by Adobe. Specs are
> open and can be found in the Photoshop SDK:
> These images look like they would compress nicely with JPEG though.

The ~30 MB JPEG is already a high-compressed version of the 1.4 GB TIFF.
Actually I'am a bit curious why the TIFF grows to this size because the 
original PNGs are about 750 MB.

So today I took the second run and put the Rev1 VIC2 under the microscope.
According to Stephan Lesch the specific chip has the defect that the 
rasterline counter does not work. Maybe someone finds it? :-)

The images do overlap this time, yes really at all 4 borders. Actually I 
just reduced the Y stepwidth to 450 microns.
I also did some darkfield images of some circuits, maybe there can be 
seen a bit more of the lower layer connections.

All I can say at the moment is, that there are differences. This might 
be good for direct circuit comparison.

Someone able to interpret these pictures can give some feedback how well 
they are suited for circuit resolving?

Ah yes and the ICs were ceramic version that were opened mechanically. 
You have to be careful though not to damage or contaminate the die.
As for plastic packages it is probably quite difficult to grind them 
down without contaminating the die.

I will post links as soon as something is available.


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