Re: VIC2 images

From: Michael Huth (
Date: 2008-05-18 14:37:40

Wolfgang Moser wrote:
> Hello hackers,
> I got another row added since there was enough room
> left in memory to do it (this is a lowres, color
> space reduced version again):
> Micha, as already seen with the two sample image file
> from Friday there is again a small GAP between these
> two rows instead of an overlap. I was able to estimate
> to correct distance with the help of some cut out
Hmm, I took a look into ptgui, some panoramic tool for fotos again and 
got it working that it stitches the horizontal images.
The tool is not perfectly suitable for this, because for typical 
panoramas all photos are taken from the same spot, whereas in this case 
the camera moves.
But I think I got it right after several hours.

I put together a layered photoshop image (not psd, since this has a 2 GB 
limit, but TIFF works fine).
A low quality version (4 of 12 in photoshop) as JPEG can be found here:
Please note that the typical browser complains about errors, this is not 
true. The image is just a bit hmm bigger with 17780x19800.
On low mem systems you might want to open it in a scratch disk using app 
like photoshop.

Just to save you some work, do you think the panorama tool did a job 
comparable good to manual stitching?

> fragments.
> May I ask, if want to address this sometime? Maybe
> redoing the whole imaging work with reduced vertical
> stepping size or just supplying the missing parts?
Hmm it would mean that I have to take another set of images with one 
line less maybe and a y-start offset of 0.25 mm.
You think the small gaps could have essential information?


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