Re: Update IDEJD6

From: Jim Brain (
Date: 2008-04-03 15:25:58 wrote:
> Advice needed: 
> When programming the 16 bits version, I have 512 bytes sectors. I can do
> two things:
> - Seperating the sector in two C= sectors. Problem: Double sized BAM
> table.
> - Using it as one sector. Problem: programs expecting 256 bytes sized
> sectors will run into trouble. Maybe troubles withe various BLOCK
> commands.
> What do you prefer?
I would prefer 256 byte blocks, unless you're coding a partition format 
that only allows file access (i.e., no block level access)

Note that fastloaders sometimes choke on > 256 byte blocks.  Of course, 
fastloaders may not work in general, but I wanted to note that.


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