Update IDEJD6

Date: 2008-04-02 11:40:27

Hallo allemaal,
I'm working at version 0.6 now. This version supports 16 MB disks. At
this this moment I get a nice "65022 BLOCKS FREE". The main reason for
this version is the fact that I need a bigger BAM table and the 16 MB
disk, in fact any type bigger the the 1571, gives me the opportunity to
test a seperate BAM table.
Another thing regarding the 16 bits version: so far I stated that I
needed more memory to be able to read/write a 512-bytes sector. But I
just realised that this isn't completely true. If the 1541 wants to load
a sector, it first looks for a free buffer. If there is one free, no
problem. With the 16 bits version it is just a matter of looking for
another free buffer! In normal circumstances, like during loading or
saving a program, this shouldn't be a problem at all. OTOH some programs
can run into trouble because they still expect to find a free buffer
while in reality it is already occupied by the extra/expanded sector.
Advice needed: 
When programming the 16 bits version, I have 512 bytes sectors. I can do
two things:
- Seperating the sector in two C= sectors. Problem: Double sized BAM
- Using it as one sector. Problem: programs expecting 256 bytes sized
sectors will run into trouble. Maybe troubles withe various BLOCK
What do you prefer?

    / __|__
   / /  |_/     Groetjes, Ruud
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    \___|       URL: Ruud.C64.org


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