Re: USB Stick on c-64 tape port?

From: Anders Carlsson (
Date: 2008-03-13 10:52:02

Marko Mäkelä wrote:

> Right, the serial protocol of MMC cards (SPI or I2C, can't remember) can
> be bit-banged.  However, if you are to implement FAT file system support
> and all that, you'd probably need some kilobytes of code that would have
> to be loaded first from somewhere else.

I tried to build Martin Mather's MMC interface for the BBC Micro last year, 
but I didn't succeed to get it to work. Actually I didn't get to read 5V 
from the computer's user port so the fault might be bad power distribution.

The Beeb has empty ROM slots and such, although this project replaces the 
Disk Filing System with one that supports his MMC interface.

I know there is at least one similar C64 project where development may have 
stopped halfways. It should be possible to locate with a search engine, 
unless someone posts (already posted?) links to the list. The project above 
might also be possible to adopt to the Commodore range of computers, and 
since the BBC is 6502 based, some of the code may be reusable?


Anders Carlsson

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