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From: Jim Brain (
Date: 2008-03-06 17:38:33

M H Stein wrote:
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>> A question for the experts:
>> Since pretty well anything that can be done with a PET/C64 etc. has
>> been done by now, has anyone ever played with redirecting the keyboard
>> and screen vectors to an external port or RS232 adapter so that you could
>> run a PET remotely?
> Mike,
> Yes.
> Bill
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> Successfully? Details? Links?

I can't speak for Bill's complete solution, but C=Key can be used to 
enable a PS2 KB to control a PET (The code will work fine, but it needs 
a new mapping table for the PET key matrix).  With a bit of translation 
and a bit of code to read the serial port (RS232 routines are already on 
the unit for debugging), you could use RS232 to control it.


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