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Date: 2008-03-06 17:26:06

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>> A question for the experts:
>> Since pretty well anything that can be done with a PET/C64 etc. has
>> been done by now, has anyone ever played with redirecting the keyboard
>> and screen vectors to an external port or RS232 adapter so that you
>> could
>> run a PET remotely?
> Mike,
> Yes.
> Bill
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> Successfully? Details? Links?
> mike
I was going to send a more detailed email, but I could not find my notes
on the subject...sorry!  Kind of a tounge-in-cheek response on my part

I know that Larry Anderson demoed at VCF 9 two PETs hooked up via a
parallel cable and adapter I believe for use in a game.  The game involved
a split screen view on both systems, with views of the other screen
transmitted through the parallel cable.  I don't have all of the details. 
I have a later pet with a strange coax port daughterboard used in some
sort of communications.  Sorry I cannot be specific.


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