Re: CBM B Series MS DOS 1.25 Available

From: Craig Taylor (
Date: 2008-02-09 04:50:32

On Feb 8, 2008 7:55 PM, Cameron Kaiser <> wrote:

> > MS DOS 1.25 was sent to Commodore for use with their B Series systems
> with
> > a 8088 co-processor board.  It never made it into production.
> I have a very evil idea if anyone is interested. I've long been tempted to
> write an 8088 VM emulation for the 6502, just for yuks, and boot some
> simple
> form of MS-DOS.
> Would there be appropriate glee if I hacked something together to allow
> the
> 128 to boot and run this DOS, to allow others to play with it? It would be
> slow, but at 2MHz, possibly doable. I'm not interested in using the Z80
> for
> this purpose as the performance (to do the abstraction) would likely be
> worse.

What would you be abstracting?

The z80 instruction set is, I believe, a superset of the 8080's. Any
hardware abstraction, for compatibility could probably best be handled by
setting up a task swap in the bios to the 6502 (eg: similair to what CP/M
does on the 64 (I think the 128 does similair operations also)).

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