Re: CBM B Series MS DOS 1.25 Available

From: Cameron Kaiser (
Date: 2008-02-09 01:55:00

> MS DOS 1.25 was sent to Commodore for use with their B Series systems with 
> a 8088 co-processor board.  It never made it into production.

I have a very evil idea if anyone is interested. I've long been tempted to
write an 8088 VM emulation for the 6502, just for yuks, and boot some simple
form of MS-DOS.

Would there be appropriate glee if I hacked something together to allow the
128 to boot and run this DOS, to allow others to play with it? It would be
slow, but at 2MHz, possibly doable. I'm not interested in using the Z80 for
this purpose as the performance (to do the abstraction) would likely be worse.

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