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From: Mike Naberezny (
Date: 2008-01-21 05:34:44

Jim Brain wrote:
> The parts kit has 2 20x1 header pins and 2 40 pin sockets.  The idea was:
> Solder the 40 pin socket on the board.
> Solder the 20 pin headers to the bottom side of the board to the pins.
> Plug the second socket into the bottom of the pins (or solder it there.
> Plug the lower socket into the 1541

I received my board on Friday and assembled it today.  Thanks to all who have 
helped realize this project, particularly Ruud, Jim, and Al.

The holes for the 40-pin socket appeared to be a bit smaller than the others. 
  I could not get the 40-pin socket included with the kit to fit in these 
holes easily.  I enlarged the holes slightly and then a socket with 
machine-tooled pins just fit.

Soldering the headers directly below the socket worked for me as you described 
but I think some people with less experience soldering will find it 
challenging.  If there is a future revision of this board, putting parallel 
rows of pins just for the headers would make it a little easier.

I haven't yet hooked up /SEL to the 1541.  I put a 10K pull-up resistor under 
the board to keep it from crashing the bus until I do.  It would be nice if 
some holes could be added for this resistor but that's not a big deal.  My 
1541 works normally with the board inserted but this is the extent that I have 
tested it so far.

I need to hook up an IDE drive to do further testing.  I also need to build an 
adapter so I can replace the 24-pin ROM with a 28-pin EPROM.  I might also use 
a 1541-II for testing to avoid making the adapter but its 6502 isn't socketed 
so it is a similar amount of work.

Here are some photos of my assembled board:


  - Mike Naberezny (

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