Re: X-IDE directory (2)

From: Jim Brain (
Date: 2008-01-11 18:07:03

Craig Taylor wrote:
> I was trying to elaborate on how sub-directories could be manipulated
> with the image handling functions. 
> The cd (change directory) command would change the current image (ci)
> (typically mounted at drive 0) to the new .d64 / .d81 file. Drive
> numbers would still be supported with eg, drive 9 always pointing to the
> root. 
So, if you "CI jim.d64", this would make drive 0 look like the image in 
jim.d64, no?

If so, I like this approach, as it would allow folks who want to "lock" 
a D64 image, for compatibility reasons.  Drive 1+ would still be the 
actual partitions of the IDE drive.

RI would unlink the image.

An extension would allow you to mount the image to a number beside 0, so 
you could "mount" many images, in case you did want to copy files from 
two images.

If we go this route, I'd rather we do indeed use something besides "cd", 
as doing a "cd imagename.d64" semantics would be most intuitive if the 
current directory listing "became" the D64 image directory.  You would  
cd <- to get out of it.  Note that this would be another way of 
"mounting" an image on a non-zero drive number. 

To add together:

ci jim.d64 would mount jim.d64 on drive 0
cd 1//path/to/another/d64/jim2.d64"

would make drive 1 be another image

Then, you can:

copy 0:something=1:somethingelse


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