Re: X-IDE directory (2)

From: Jim Brain (
Date: 2008-01-11 17:57:56

Craig Taylor wrote:
> To get around some of the issues: 
> - Allow drive letters 0-9. Reserve 0 for the root file system. Drive 9
> for a 'temporary' file system. 
Just a note that 'drive' 0, for compatibility reasons with many 
programs, must be defined as the "current" drive.  So many apps did 
"open1,8,2,"0:Filename,s,w" or similar that you can't use 0 for anything 

> - Implement a CD command that would map to changing drive 9 to be the
> default drive number with the 'ci''d relative to the current drive
> number.  Set the default drive number to 9 when used. 
This could work.

> (It may be easier to look at drive 0 as current, and drive 9 as root). 
CMD drives do this.  All drive partitions get a non-zero number, and the 
current active partition is also mirrored as "0".

> This way people get their 'cd' commands yet the drive letter combos
> still work.  It also allows for sub-sub directories which I could see my
> original concept having issues with. (You'ld have to issue something
> along the lines of : ci1:=2:image.d64 to change drive 1 to image.d64
> that's under drive 2... or some other strange syntax). 
True, very good point.

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