Re: OT: Bank accounts (was: Boards and component kits)
Date: 2008-01-02 00:49:37

On 2008-01-01, at 21:39, Anders Carlsson wrote:

> On Mon, 31 Dec 2007, wrote:
>> Nobody can pay anywhere with your account#.
> In theory, some lazy banks around the world (usually not your own?)
> can let anyone (unauthorized) who can present a false identity to
> withdraw money from your or any other bank account in the world
> they know the number of.

Fake IDs are always a problem. That's why there is so many discussions  
about the identity theft in the recent times. If I have a fake ID, and  
can at least reasonably well falsify the signature, then I don't even  
need the account#. Here it is usually enough to know which bank (just  
the name) a person runs the account with.

> As regarding PayPal [...]
> My biggest concern is the relatively high fees and horrible exchange
> rates (compared to what banks charge),

Oh, yes... :-(

> but I guess it is a price one
> has to pay for the simplicity and possibly better security than making
> direct payments to a bank account.

I think it is a price to pay for lack of competition. Paypal did the  
best job in encompassing the globe with its services. Not many people  
consider any alternatives when it comes to online payments. I'd wish  
Google grows its services enough to generate some competition - I see  
no other contenders soon. Epalladium, egold and other alikes are not  
treated seriously by most people I know. Not to mention that I myself  
dropped a relatively big transactions once because the other party  
insisted on egold payment.

> Good luck with the X-IDE project! The future looks bright with a long
> row of new storage devices/interfaces for the Commodore computers. Us
> users will determine which one(s) are most powerful and flexible to  
> use.

Howgh! That's why I am so much enthusiastic about this new one!

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