Re: (Fwd) RE: 1541IDE and 1541IDE-S

From: Jim Brain (
Date: 2007-12-15 19:56:33

Al wrote:
> After the design is finalized, email me what parts you need. I'll
For the record, the main parts list is:

1   74ls244
1    74ls245
1    74ls139
1   74ls00
2   74ls573 (You can use the AC parts, but Ruud indicates you should not 
need to.  I actually meant to pick the LS variant
1   IDE connector -You don't absolutely need an enclosed header for 
this.  Many people use a 2x40 non-enclosed header.  allelectronics sells 
it in bulk. 

3   10k resistors.  Probably 1/8 watt is fine
6   decoupling caps.  I think Ruud used 100nF non-polatized
1   wire (to hook /SEL to somewhere on 1541 or to IO1 or IO2)
1   180 ohm resistor 1/8 watt or so
1    LED, your choice of color
1   40 pin socket for 6502   (if you're going the 1541/8250 route)

The last item is for folks who plan to use the 6502 socket.  You need 
something to plug into the original 6502 socket on the board and can be 
soldered to the bottom of this board.  There are many options, depending 
on how much you want to spend and how gently you want to treat the 
original 6502 socket.  At the cheap end, you can use 2 20x1 headers (or 
1 1x40 you break in half:,_1_X_40_.html) 
.  That puts more stress on the original socket, though, so another 
option is a machine pin .6" 40 pin header.  (I've seen these, but I 
don't have a link handy.  That probably tells you which of these methods 
I usually use :-)

Maybe someone who is good trolling through DigiKey and AllElectronics 
could put some links/part no#s against this list.

I suspect (or some other overstock surplus place) 
probably has all the parts but the '573s, if one goes the cheaper 
non-enclosed header route for the IDE connector and the 6502 socket plug.


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