Re: 1541IDE and 1541IDE-S -- and 8250IDE? (and 64IDE, now)

From: Jim Brain (
Date: 2007-12-14 22:34:54 wrote:
> I only have one remark: it will be very difficult to use the 512 bytes
> sectors as they are. For example: using the well known Track/Sector
> linking won't work as the Sector byte is used to tell the system how
> many bytes are used on the last track. And a byte cannot store numbers
> greater than 255 :(
> And I already mentioned it on my site: splitting the 512 bytes sector in
> two 256 bytes Commodore sectors is no problem. But it needs extra work
> to save one C= sector and IMHO extra RAM. 
I see no other option short of mapping each IDE sector into 2 CBM 
sectors.  But, it does require at least 1 more 256 byte buffer.
> These remarks are not for putting the design down but just to remind
> people of some facts. I only hope that maybe one of us comes with an
> enginious idea to cope with these challenges.
It is my hope that the HW design will allow more people to work with it, 
reducing the problem to a small issue.


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