Re: 1541IDE and 1541IDE-S -- and 8250IDE? (and 64IDE, now)
Date: 2007-12-14 08:25:32

Hallo allemaal,

> I think signficant development needs to happen before they
> will be generally usable.  Ruud might disagree,

No, I don't disagree. The only working program is my 1541IDE3 project,
the project that enables you to copy floppies to and from an harddisk in
the form of images. Not a project where a lot of people are waiting for
IMHO. But it is a start. 

But for programmers with two left hands regarding soldering, it is ideal
:) And another tip: use Nicolas Welte's 6502 board to expand your 1541
with extra ROM and RAM.

> and he's welcome to note how usable to design is at present.

It exceeds expactations:
1) Your solution enables one not only to use it in C= drives but in any
6502 machine: Apple, various Acorn machines, Atari etc. 
2) Being able to stick it in the expansionport of a C64 makes it a
potential competitor for the IDE64. But where to leave the needed
software? I have two ideas for this:
- As the 6502 socket will be left empty, create an adaptor socket so an
EPROM can be placed there.
- Replace the original ROM with a 27128 or 27256, remove the cassette
routines and use the lines of the cassette port to access the other 8 KB
part(s) of the EPROM.

I only have one remark: it will be very difficult to use the 512 bytes
sectors as they are. For example: using the well known Track/Sector
linking won't work as the Sector byte is used to tell the system how
many bytes are used on the last track. And a byte cannot store numbers
greater than 255 :(
And I already mentioned it on my site: splitting the 512 bytes sector in
two 256 bytes Commodore sectors is no problem. But it needs extra work
to save one C= sector and IMHO extra RAM. 
These remarks are not for putting the design down but just to remind
people of some facts. I only hope that maybe one of us comes with an
enginious idea to cope with these challenges.

But returning to our original subject, using it in a 1541 or a 8250.
Yesterday once again the idea rose to use the filesystem of CMD as base.
Advantage: the well known Track/Sector linking can still be used,
problem: we are stuck to 16 MB partitions, something I'm not looking
forward to. 
My ultimate goal will be being able to use all well known file systems
in one Kernal. 

Regarding the 8x50: the ROM for the FDC resides inside the 6530. I
haven't found time yet to find out if the I/O of the 6530 is needed when
using a harddisk. If not, the needed EPROM can be stuck on the board
using an adaptor. If it is needed, Nicolas 6502 board can provide a

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