Re: RE: C64 cluster

From: André Fachat (
Date: 2007-11-07 09:32:31

> Use a 74166 (I think), a parallel-to-serial converter. Only one clock
> and one input needed. Two 166's and you have up to 65536 addresses. And
> still only two lines needed. Would fit on the cassette port as well.
> KISS :)

You could even expand the userport in a similar way, using a 74165
serial-to-parallel converter :)

If the cluster bus is using a serial approach, a 74165 (serial-to-parallel) 
converter could even be used to include PETs in the network, replacing
the broken VIA SR input :)

There has been going on a discussion for a 6502-based serial bus protocol
on .Although I haven't really followed it to the end
in all details, I think it might be interesting to at least read it.


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