RE: Checking syntax for 1541 and more...
Date: 2007-09-08 12:22:42

> You mention something I haven't realised at all. But it is not the size
> of the interface that matters but the size of the sector: 512 bytes
> instead of the 256 bytes I use now. I already found out that (all ???)
> CF cards support 8 bits interfaces ie. I was able to read a XP formatted
> card, all 512 bytes of a sector. It is just a matter of giving the right
> command to the card. I also tried to give the same command to some HD's
> I have but they unfortunately don't support this command :(

Which hardware have you been using to read CF-cards?
Was it a MMC64 on a commodore 64?
Can you share the code?


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