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Date: 2007-07-03 23:33:28

Heya -- I can speak to the CBM-II 256k issue a bit.

I have a 256k low profile CBM-II machine, and its quite a genuine "born that
way" machine; by that I mean it has matching memory series, nicely surface
mounted memory chips, etc.  And while the box was labeled B256, the machine
itself is labeled as a B500 model.  I also have 128k B500s, so clearly that
muddied it all up in my own mind.

As to the existence of a genuine CBM 620 -- that one has puzzled me for
awhile too.  I've never seen one displayed on a web site.  I did get an
email many many years ago from a fellow here in the U.S. who claimed to have
one he picked up in Germany he wanted to sell, but after numerous (read:
hundreds) of attempts to contact him again, I failed to get any more than
that out of him.

If you find out the answer to that one, I'd sure like to know.

- Bo

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Marko Mäkelä wrote:

>> CBM D220 which is a relabeled 8296-D.
> Is there some easy way to detect if it is a 8096 or 8296?

Well, I assumed it is a 8296D since it has internal disk drives? As far as I
know, there never was a 8096D model, but I could be wrong.

I believe it should be possible to review the motherboard layout if it is a
8096, 8296 or 8296D. Number of RAM chips among other things.

> But I guess there weren't any CBM 600, just 610 (B128-LP) and 620

True. CBM 600 and PET/CBM 700 rather were family names, like 8000 series.
Actually I might've seen front plates that say either CBM 700, PET 700 or
PET 700/128K, while the back plate should tell the exact model.

For that matter, has anyone ever seen a genuine CBM 620, or were all just
256K upgraded versions of the 610?

Anders Carlsson
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