Re: Secret Weapons of Commodore 13th edition

From: B. Degnan (
Date: 2007-07-03 02:00:50

>Anyway, the new 128k board was then used in the rounded cases, and
>became the 8296 (or 8296-D with builtin 8250 disk drive)

Just to add some confusion about the evolution of the 8032 --> 8296

I submitted pics a few months ago of my Malvern 8296. Since then it has 
been fixed it up, but here are the original pictures again because they are 
on topic:

Note the IEEE connector on the inside of the "Malvern" 8296

I realize that it's an OEM machine, but it looks more like they started 
with a 8032.  Note the 8032 bottom chassis.

The ID sticker does not have the "-D" even though there's an embedded 
sfd-1001 drive.

Makes you wonder if originally the plan was to take the 8032 and give it a 
drive and a memory upgrade, and then be sold as the "8296".  Just a bit of 


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