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Date: 2007-05-27 15:21:27


I just read the description for the Easter Egg for the plus 4.  A couple
of notes:

John Cooper is/was a very real person, he once threw a fake brick at my
head.  He did code revolving around the cassette and other stuff, he
didn't stay at CBM long after the TED came out, none of us know where he
went after that.

Fred Bowen did the Kernel, which would explain why his name is

I did the hardware though the reality is the hardware design was really
dictated by the chip since it was the closest thing to s single chip
computer for it's time.  Just add a processor, some rom, some ram, some
more decoding, a reset circuit and oh yeah, a keyboard buffer.  And a
handful of analog circuitry, some RFI filters, a modulator....

The address we used to remember it by, if memory serves, was
sys dec($cdab) or in other words we would think of abcd, byte swap it
and then go to the decimal equivalent. (we byte swapped automatically
those days which meant dialing the last four digits of a phone number
could occasionally be a challenge)  I still remember the day Terry Ryan
described that this was in there and where it was.  For the C128 it was
something like take half of total memory, round up, then 123,45,6

Also my named in spelled Bil   :)

Bil Herd

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I posted on my web site a picture of the Plus/4 Easter egg.

check the left column of the site, under the Univac 1219 info.

Please advise if I am in error in my description of what the Easter egg


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