How to design non-trivial cartridges for c-64?
Date: 2007-05-21 21:30:07

Hello World! :-)

Since I actually successfully made my 8kernal/8modules-switchboard, I thought 
it would be a great idea to be able to make more complicated cartridge hardware 
for the c-64. However, I haven't found any sort of good "manual" of how to 
design cartridges that are above "trivial". 
For example, I still don't know how to actually design a cartridge that would 
use just a single memory location like $df00, for example for selecting the 
right $8000-bank from a (larger) eprom on the cartridge. (Such was being used 
by Ocean to distribute some games on cart.)
What I actually plan to do is to design a real cheap TCP-IP Interface using an 
Atmel AVR for handling all the TCPIP communication. I plan to use some 
registers like $df00-$df0a much in the way the REU (commodore ram expansion) 
does, for transfering the data from the c64 memory via DMA to the Atmel AVR, 
who should then transfer the data over TCPIP to PC etc. 
However, as mentioned before, I'm at a complete loss of how to design such a 
thing, and I don't know how to use these lines from the cart port:
I/O1 , /I/O2, BA, DMA, Phi2....
Anyone has any documentation on these lines or how to use them when building 
your own complex cartdrige?
Anyone has a schematic with an eprom and a $df00-bank-switch-cartridge so as to 
start with an example?


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