Re: Case mods (Was: Pullup resistors, Commodore joystick ports)

From: Al (
Date: 2007-05-09 16:58:56

Marko Mäkelä <> wrote:

> I'm sorry for that.  

thank you.

> Can you list the equipment that went to the tower box?

PC mobo and hard drive
1541 II
CMD hard drive
CMD FD 2000

> Was there any problem with having too many devices on the serial bus?

With the host device (C64), that makes five devices on the bus; which is
standard. Unfortunately the tower owner hooked things up before testing;
counter to my instructions and burned things up. So I never got to know
how it worked.

>The guy had sawed the
> circuit board into pieces and soldered some traces with wires. :-)

I have wanted to do that in the past and now find myself in the same
position again. I have acquired some pee cee lunch box computers for my
next mod; a C64/1541 w/ an LCD screen. Here's one:
And another:
But the 64 mobo is too wide for them, all but one:
For this one I planned an automotive in dash DVD player with a motorized
screen. A C64/1541/DVD Player:

But I fallen in live with them as they are and am having a hard time
taking a saw to them.

>  It'd
> probably be much more productive to hack the 64DTV.

I have two V2's on the way and a Hummer in hand. ;)

- al -

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