Re: Case mods (Was: Pullup resistors, Commodore joystick ports)

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2007-05-09 13:58:12

On Wed, May 09, 2007 at 07:37:05AM -0600, Al wrote:
> > I wonder what happened to the 64HD tower
> > <>.  There's no
> > picture of the completed system.
> Lost. One of those bone head moves when one thinks one has another copy
> and it turned out not. I was moving to a new server and deleted the file
> from the old server. At the same time I was reorganizing my files. 
> I have pics of the ending of that story, but other problems with the
> tower's owner have left me without the desire to recreate the web pages.
> Maybe someday...

I'm sorry for that.  Can you list the equipment that went to the tower box?
Was there any problem with having too many devices on the serial bus?

By the way, have you done any size reduction mods?  A few years back,
I read a story about a hand-held Atari VCS 2600.  The guy had sawed the
circuit board into pieces and soldered some traces with wires. :-)
Too bad I didn't dig up the link when I last mentioned that hack here:

If I had time, I'd build a hand-held 64 or 128D where the mass storage
was replaced with a memory card.  Naturally it would emulate the 1541 in
hardware. :-)  (Of course, this would be insane and expensive.  It'd
probably be much more productive to hack the 64DTV.)


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