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From: Bo Zimmerman (
Date: 2007-04-11 18:19:55

I certainly will, thanks!

- Bo 

Last name is Zimmerman, btw ;) was supposed to be a bit of a
pun, but in hindsight it was pretty stupid.  I knew that my last name
translated literally to "Room-Man" in English.  When I first split my
"Home-Page" into several parts, and eventually decided to spring for a
domain name, well, I think you can see where it was headed -- a Home
contains many Rooms, Zimmers...

Ah well; again, not the brightest moment in cross-linguistic pun-writing,
but there ya go.

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Hello Ulf,

Ulf Diabelez Harries schrieb:
> Ever since I read this post I've been wanting to scan my own copy of 
> the SX 64 Schematics book and finally provide a decent _complete_ copy 
> suitable for re-printing.
> Today I finally got my act together and honed my "Operate Heavy 
> Scanning Machinery And Related Software" skills and managed to produce a
~20MB PDF.
> You can grab the file from here: 
> ip

this was very high quality work and I appreciate it much although I'm no
SX-64 owner.

Hopefully Bo Zimmers will find a place in the FTP archive to store that Doc
for further reference.


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