Re: Commodore joystick ports

From: Jim Brain (
Date: 2007-04-11 16:33:45

Hársfalvi Levente wrote:
> That's good as it is... I probably won't have started this in C, but I 
> also haven't (and probably won't) made any steps, whilst your code is 
> up and running... which is a difference.
I felt my C skills were slipping, since I hadn't touched it since '96 
(Web development insulated me in a PHP/Perl/and then Java world), and I 
felt my uC skills were slipping, since I hadn;t touched one since I left 
the university.  Thus, I decided to tackle some projects using both.  C 
is in high demand in uC development in the US, and one never knows when 
a career change is needed.

> I certainly feel some level of sarcasm in this comment >-), ...but 
> O.K., here you go. In the usual Western (better said,
Now that I re-read my last sentence, it didn't come out like I 
intended.  Apologies.  The request was/is genuine.  The First,Surname 
notation throws me, since I'm been conditioned to expect either First 
Last, or Last, First.  To be honest, Checking for jp or hu looks like a 
plan, unless the person's using Yahoo or GMail, and then it looks like I 
am out of luck unless they end their email with their first name. 


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