Re: "D9060" and ST-506 hard drives

From: Anders Carlsson (
Date: 2007-03-22 19:29:14

Ethan Dicks wrote:

> back in the day, it was more than just C/H/S issues

A Microsoft (!) KB article on MFM/RLL drives:

Based on that document, we have:

Tandon 602S: 4 heads, 153 cyls, RWC 128, WP 153
Tandon 603S: 6 heads, 153 cyls, RWC 128, WP 153

Seagate ST-225: 4 heads, 615 cyls, RWC 615, WP 300
Seagate ST-251: 6 heads, 820 cyls, RWC 820, WP 820
Seagate ST-506: 4 heads, 153 cyls, RWC 128, WP 128

The ST-225 is known to replace 602S, and Ethan has previously on
this list(*) pointed out that the ST-251 should be possible to use
instead of a 603S, if you can dig one up.

Generally, does a disk need to have a "minimum" RWC and WP in order
to theoretically work as a replacement? The ST-506 above has a lower
Write Precomp number than the Tandon disks, while both the ST-2XX
disks surpass all specs by far.

More detailed specs on the Seagate disks:

Of course, if Bill only has access to a bunch of ST-506 disks, it
doesn't help much recommending other models to try, in particular
as he has been on a hunt for the right hard disk for a couple of
years now... ;-)


Anders Carlsson

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