Re: "D9060" and ST-506 hard drives

From: B Degnan (
Date: 2007-03-22 17:42:07

> I have a memory that when I looked at this issue long ago, there was
> some parameter, perhaps Reduced Write Current, or Write Precomp that
> was *not* compatible between the TM602S and the ST506.  I also
> remember that it wasn't a factor with the ST225.
> Go back and check the full descriptions of the drives - back in the
> day, it was more than just C/H/S issues - analog drives were funny,
> and you had to get to know each model.

I will do that.  I have the 506 manual someplace.

> But to directly answer your question, no, I have not.

Ok - Just based on C/H/S it seems like such a potentially obvious
replacement, I figured that there must be an explanation as to why no one
ever wrote about it.  The 506 drives I am using are NOS, they are in great
shape and return "1700 S" code in IBM XT diagnostics.  Maybe if I
understood better the custom jumper wiring needed to get a Tandon 602s to
work in a Tandy 5MB external drive (not needed in the D9060) that may shed
a clue about what needs to be done on the ST-506 in a D9060.


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