Re: "D9060" and ST-506 hard drives - clarification

From: B Degnan (
Date: 2007-03-22 15:03:53

To clarify original post:
1) Installed the ST-506 into the D9060 chassis and let the drive run for
15 minutes to stabilize the speed

2) Ran ?ds$ command and received code 73... (OK)

3) Initiated command HEADER "degnan",d0,i01 [enter]

4) The drive proceeds to format for about 45 minutes.  I do not hear any
click click click.

5) After 45 minutes error blink code 11.

6) repeated with 2nd drive, same result.


I can low level format these disks in an IBM XT.  I can watch the drive
arm move, etc.  seems OK.  Note that these are NOS drives, clean as a


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