Re: GALs, JEDEC files, and GAL burner

From: Rainer Buchty (
Date: 2007-02-10 01:25:38

>- I need a GAL burner (capable of burning a 20V8) Does anyone have
>  experience with the "GALBlast" burner 
>  (
>  this seems to be a viable, self-built-able solution?

How about going for an ISP-version of the 22V10? Or do you have a stack
of 20V8 which you want to use?

>- What tools do you use to create those "JEDEC" files used to 
>  burn the logic equations into the GAL? The GALBlast page lists
>  a number - Of them WinCUPL seems viable, but requires registration.
>  any other suggestions?

AFAIK all vendor tools require registration of some sort; I'd go for 
Lattice's current "ispLEVER starter" software, but you'll even find 
ancient DOS versions of the old PALASM software for free on the net.

Not sure whether you want to deal with PALASM (the language), though. 
Personally, I prefer some "higher" language like ABEL or CUPL (the 
latter is pretty much extinct, AFAIK only Atmel still uses it while the 
other (C)PLD vendors are offering ABEL design flows if not even 


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