GALs, JEDEC files, and GAL burner

From: André Fachat (
Date: 2007-02-10 01:12:13


for a 65816 board I am planning, it seems - due to timing restrictions - I need a GAL. Unfortunately discreet logic would be to slow...

However, I have never used GALs before, so I need some advice:

- I need a GAL burner (capable of burning a 20V8) Does anyone have
  experience with the "GALBlast" burner 
  this seems to be a viable, self-built-able solution?

- What tools do you use to create those "JEDEC" files used to 
  burn the logic equations into the GAL? The GALBlast page lists
  a number - Of them WinCUPL seems viable, but requires registration.
  any other suggestions?

- Any other hints and tips?

Many thanks

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