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Date: 2007-02-02 19:46:57


I had ordered 2 samples of this part as well as 2 VBUS controllers from
Maxim last year. I have not had a chance to use them yet, but read the
documentation pretty thuroughly.

My application was to interface USB flash drives with a uC. I stumbled
on the vinculum series of products by FTDI. They have firmware on their
page for mass storage driver and FAT16/32 filesystem access. This
essentially makes the vinculum chip a file-server which can handle 2
files open at the same time. They are $12 US in single quantities from
their web shop. I have 2 on hand, but again haven't done much with them

If your application is similar, I would recommend checking it out.

Scott McDonnell

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does anyone here have any info about the MAX3420E and/or MAX3421E USB
chips by Maxim? Did anyone ever use one of them?

The MAX3420E is an USB Device:

The MAX3421E is an extension of the 3420. It can be used as a USB
controller, too:

What about prices, availability? Maxim lists < $4 per 1.000 for the
MAX3421E. What are end-user prices in smaller quantities?


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