RE: MAX3420E/MAX3421E USB chips

From: Scott McDonnell (
Date: 2007-02-02 19:50:42

BTW, I have an "alpha" version of the model for the vinculum made up for
eagle. It has not been tested yet, but should work fine. Been too busy
with other projects lately.

Scott McDonnell

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does anyone here have any info about the MAX3420E and/or MAX3421E USB
chips by Maxim? Did anyone ever use one of them?

The MAX3420E is an USB Device:

The MAX3421E is an extension of the 3420. It can be used as a USB
controller, too:

What about prices, availability? Maxim lists < $4 per 1.000 for the
MAX3421E. What are end-user prices in smaller quantities?


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