Re: Star Commander and the MSD-SD2

From: Andrew Wiskow (
Date: 2007-01-11 16:52:05

--- Cameron Kaiser <> escreveu:

> No, it's normal -- I don't have Turbo on. The ROM
> may be the issue, though,
> because it's much larger (being a dual drive, it has
> additional firmware
> for the second drive, DUPLICATE, etc.). I might do
> some more fiddling with it.

While on the topic of Star Commander...  Does anyone
know if there's any "tricks" to getting it to work
with a 1581?  I got my first 1581 a few days ago,
tried hooking it up to my PC via an XE1541 cable, set
the drive setting in Star Commander for 1581, Normal
Mode, but when I tried to select the drive, I couldn't
get it to work.  Any advice would be appreciated...


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