Re: Star Commander and the MSD-SD2

From: Cameron Kaiser (
Date: 2007-01-08 19:19:13

> > > - (Your probably problem) - Has problems with any type of drive
> > > accelerators (he mentions but doesn't say where - Is there a "slow"
> > > drive patch for Geos? )
> > 
> > No, I have Warp off and it still won't work. It doesn't even seem to access
> > the drive.
> How compatible is the ROM if the drive? SC as well as OpenCBM copy parts
> of the ROM into RAM for their purposes. If the routines are not where
> they are expected, this is best approach to crash the drive completely.
> Anyway, the drive should still work (but very slowly) with "normal"
> transfer option (not turbo; turbo uses custom routines, too), IF the
> disc layout is the same as on a 1541 disc.

No, it's normal -- I don't have Turbo on. The ROM may be the issue, though,
because it's much larger (being a dual drive, it has additional firmware
for the second drive, DUPLICATE, etc.). I might do some more fiddling with it.

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